See: New project from flautist Gina Izzo brings the listener “into what is wanted”

cover art of "into what is wanted"

For many classically-trained musicians, performing at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Jazz Standard are the pinnacle of career success. Having achieved this before the age of 35, Gina Izzo has decided to do what great artists do best: push into a new direction. The audacious debut track from Izzo’s new project ladyybirdd, “into what is wanted,” gives us an introduction to this new direction. Turning away from convention, “into what is wanted” integrates improvisation, analog FX, and inspired flute-playing (fluting?) to create a sensational, engaging experience. ladyybirdd brings adventure, technique, and intensity to the world of flute playing and experimental instrumental music at large.

In the words of Izzo, “Every choice you make alters your direction and always remains a part of who you are.” The track is an intimate examination of our own choices through mixed landscapes of acoustic warmth and electronic alterations. From escalating echoing sequences to the spacious familiarity in reverb, ladyybirdd uses extended techniques and layered polyrhythms in an attempt to reshape her own direction; this approach is for naught, and the cyclical nature of the track brings the listener right back to the start.

Official Video

In conjunction with lighting designer Mattew Soares, videographer Simon Yu created evoking imagery through an LED wall and flashing lights that were responsive to the music—in real-time. The technology reacts to sound through visual cues with subtle fluctuations and intensities, resulting in incredibly engaging projections. All of these features, both musical and visual, set ladyybirdd apart from the other players in the genre, setting up a path for great success in the years to come.

into what is wanted,” is the first release and introduces the project ladyybirdd, acting as the precursor to the debut solo album set to release in 2022.

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