News: Spear Of Destiny have recreated and re-imagined their classic album WorldService

Spear of Destiny have recreated and re-imagined the now classic 1985 top 20 hit, WorldService.

With Kirk never being happy with the sounds and mix on the mid 80s original, this is an altogether different affair. Massive drums, guitars and voice coupled with wonderful keyboard sounds and real soulful brass take these amazing sounds to dazzling new heights.

Kirk Brandon says of the 2020 re-recording: “The original recording of this album was done in 1985. It was produced by seminal DJ Rusty Egan of The Blitz/Visage etc fame. He was brought in at my behest as no one, either management of band, could agree on a producer. 

“Rusty produced what many have said is a classic album of Spear songs, both press and fans alike. 

“You could say why re-record what is a a classic album from the 1980s? You’d have a point. But, it has been my intention to re-record this set of songs much more in line with what I feel they were originally written for, much more of a rock album, as opposed to a pop/rock album.  

“With the original recording there was a lot of compromise, which to my mind today, meant the albums worth of songs was never done the justice it deserved. I’m not trying to re write the past, I’m trying, and I believe we have succeeded, in doing this album justice, finally, to how it was meant to sound.  

“I can only thank my longstanding band members, for helping me to achieve this with their sympathetic ears. We have played songs from this album for decades and I knew on this occasion, we would all step up to the mark with its re-recording. The proof is in the pudding.”

WorldService 2020 will be released by Kirk Brandon on digital stream, gold CD and limited 2×10″ silver vinyl on October 26th. You can order direct from Kirk here.

Have a listn to the original, below:

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