BRONSON announce a trio of remix EPs; hear the Cassian mix of ‘KNOW ME’

Bronson, photographed by Gian Galang

BRONSON, the epic, bass-shakin’ progressive house project of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, of ODESZA, and producer Tom Stell of Golden Features, has announced a series of three remix EPs as an exciting and exploratory coda to their self-titled debut album for Ninja Tune.

The trio of rerubs will feature names such as Riton, HAAi, TSHA, Patrick Topping, Prospa, Krystal Klear and others. 

The first in the series, BRONSON Remixes No.1, will be released on October 16th by Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune, and will feature a quintet of mixes from O’Flynn, Skream, OFFAIAH and Tunnelvisions, as well as Cassian’s take on BRONSON’s latest single “KNOW ME (feat. Gallant)” take a listen below. Cassian brings driving bassline, expansive synths and a driving beat to the track.

BRONSON say: “The BRONSON project was originally born out of a need to push our own creative boundaries and to allow us the space to create something that felt experimental and free from expectation.

“Connecting with this amazing group of producers for the remixes was really just an extension of that; they were able to take tracks from the album and reinvent them, all while staying true to ethos of the project.

“The end result is a collection of reworks that lives in its own distinct lane, giving the album a renewed energy. Special thanks to all of the talented artists involved for adding their own spin to the project.”

Cassian says of his mix: “Back in April I started receiving these strange calls on my phone. I’d answer the call and a series of numbers would repeat over and over again.

“I didn’t think much of it at first but after a week or so, those numbers were stuck on loop in my mind. I googled them on a whim and there was only one result: an Instagram account simply titled ‘BRONSON’”

“I followed the account and my phone rang immediately. This time, instead of the cryptic number sequence, a song was playing. I didn’t know its name at the time but that song was ‘KNOW ME’. I listened to it on loop over and over again, I couldn’t hang up.

“After about half an hour I snapped out of it and hung up the call only to see my email inbox light up: ‘BRONSON – KNOW ME Remix Stems’. The next day the mysterious Instagram account made its first post: an image of bolt cutters and a caption that read: “@odesza + @goldenfeatures” – I knew what I had to do, and a few weeks later my remix of ‘KNOW ME’ was complete.”

BRONSON Remixes No.1 will be released by Ninja Tune on October 16th on digital formats; you can pre-order 16-bit, mp3 and WAV versions here.

Bronson’s self-titled debut is also available now on digital, CD, clear vinyl and limited black and yellow vinyl pressings here; you can follow Bronson on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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