Live: The Lemonheads – Birmingham, Institute 01.10.15

In the early 90’s, and in particular 92, it was hard to miss The Lemonheads fun cover version of “Mrs Robinson.”
So having never seen The Lemonheads live during their hay-day on the Alternative Rock scene, I was very curious to see what was about to happen as I entered the excellent Birmingham Institute Library venue.

With only Evan Dando from the original, Boston Massachusetts band, the atmosphere was relaxed and the room was full with happily expectant folk. Those relaxed feelings were quickly rewarded by a band and singer clearly at ease with world.
Coming in with a low key number of the 1996 “Hospital” the crowd quickly started joining in singing along. With smiles all round and clear ideas of what the show was intended to feel like the band rapidly moved through numerous familiar tracks.


After an introduction of mellow songs that felt like a handshake, the band ramped up the fun with a great rendition of “Style”. With all in room suitably enamoured the band quickly switched to Evan Dando playing solo crowd pleasers. The voices of many were found singing along to “Confetti” and “It’s a Shame About Ray”
With very little direct interaction with the fans (does asking what day the week it is class as an interaction?) the music was able to do the talking.

After twenty years the many, many changes to the line-up had no ill effect on the vibe and presence of what felt, at times, like a one man show. The fact that the band’s most popular cover of “Mrs Robinson” and the energetic “Alison’s Starting to Happen” did not feature on the set list didn’t detract from an accomplished singer and band enjoying themselves and our company.

Down About It
Dawn Can’t Decide
New Mexico
It’s About Time
It’s A Shame About Ray
Great Big No
My Drug Buddy
Break Me

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