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The Breakdown

Reflective, captivating and atmospheric

Vienna-based music collective Tin Man Falls have unveiled their debut album, an enigmatic 10-track offering that levitates the listener with its rich layers and spatial sonics. The indie-electronic project is fronted by singer Joseph Robinson, who describes the album as a “reflection on the experiences of loss, letting go and stepping into our power that repeat again and again on the journey toward ourselves and finding our place in the world”.

Kicking off with previously released single ‘Black To Grey’, the record immediately sucks us in with a James Blake-esque track. Combining soft R&B tinged vocals with punchy synths while retaining a chilled groove, Tin Man Falls shows off their striking ability to bring together contrasting elements that make total sense when placed side by side.

Next up is ‘Say What You Want’, the latest single release from the artist which takes a more stripped back approach. Capturing the retro moods of artists like Chet Faker and Simple Minds, ‘Say What You Want’ is a direct and delightful indie tune. ‘Say What You Want’ arrived with a brand new music video which you can check out below.

‘Which Side’ is a wistful and contemplative track that stylistically calls back to Parachutes-era Coldplay and sets the tone for the following songs ‘Have To Leave’ and ‘Best I Can’ which channel a more melancholic energy. ‘Have To Leave’ in particular, stands out, an acoustic-led offering that features heavenly guest vocals from Nnoa, while ‘Best I Can’ is paced by lingering finger clicks that further accentuate its introspection. 

With ‘Move On’, we return to the groove and R&B tones of the opening tracks, but remain thematically in a place of longing. This transitional track leads perfectly into ‘Don’t Own Me’, an empowering and defiant anthem that takes the lessons learnt over the course of the album and carries them forward with a new found purpose.

With the album nearing its conclusion, ‘Beats On The Bottom’ and ‘Mad King’ reveal a more experimental and edgy side to Tin Man Falls, perhaps reflecting the narrative of a man now free from his troubles and able to flourish creatively.

Tin Man Falls have delivered dynamic soundscapes and skillful arrangements throughout their debut, but what is perhaps most impressive is the thoughtful storytelling that shines through. The album’s concept is summarised in its final track ‘Rain’, with the lyrics “…I wonder how I can just change all this poison into rain” representing the personal journey of growth that has been intimately shared with the listener throughout.

Built around a core of warm and shimmering indie electronic songs, the album showcases a wide emotional range and bright and captivating atmospheres. 

Supported by the Österreichisches Musikfond, the debut album is out now via SINGODD RECORD.

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