Track: Sertraline – 2205 (Manchester Arena Bombing Memorial Single Out Now)

Sertraline are celebrating the EP anniversary with the release of a very special single. 2205 was written by Sertraline in memory of the events of the Manchester Arena Bombing, the fifth anniversary of which is taking place on the 22nd of May. Frontwoman Lizzy Parry was present at the Ariana Grande show at the Manchester Arena when the bombing took place. 2205 was her way of processing what she saw, along with providing a message of hope.

The band comments

“In May 2017, Lizzie attended the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena and witnessed the horrific events that unfolded. There had been some lyric ideas floating around for a while, but it took a couple of years for the right music to match. It would be easy to focus on the negatives of the experience; but 2205 aims to be empowering, motivating and about finding your inner strength.”

The track emerges out of slow building intro with Parry showing her strengths at clean singing and guttural growling. Melodic in places this band have some serious talented members, the heaviness is never far away with that crushing guitar riff and a killer guitar solo. A great reminder to what a superb EP ‘Clouded Minds And Silver Lines’ was and still it.

Check it out, here

The bands last EP ‘Clouded Minds And Silver Lines’ is available here

The lyrics for 2205 were something Lizzie also discussed in a behind the scenes video the band put out, which can be found below:

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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