Junior Dread and Subatomic Sound System have shared a new single, “Revolution 2 Freedom,” built from Subatomic’s “Shaolin Dub” riddim. Subatomic composed the tune while working on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Super Ape Returns To Conquer, in 2017. Subatomic, a New York City based artist, built on the sounds of the legendary Upsetter and his Black Ark Studios, and transformed those sounds into “a more aggressive, 21st Century style.”

Junior Dread is a roots singer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Growing up in a favela, Dread was influenced and inspired by Jamaican artists, particularly Bob Marley, and experienced struggles similar to the artists he admired. In “Revolution 2 Freedom,” Dread calls out the current leaders of Brazil and the United States, for their perfidy and lack of accountability to the people. According to a press release, Junior Dread “channels the spirit of Bob Marley” and the living inspiration and influence of Scratch. Junior Dread has a pleasantly rough, emotive voice and it powers his message.

The song features Larry McDonald on congas, from Count Ossie’s orchestra, Troy Shaka Simms on saxophones, Emch on the dub mixing, melodica, samplers and riddim production and Sista Mari on backing vocals. This is righteous, bass-shaking roots music at its echoey best. Check it!

Subatomic Sound System on Bandcamp: https://subatomic.bandcamp.com