See: The acid prism of Plankton Wat’s ‘Modern Ruins’: a delicious psychedelic instrumental response to our fracturing world

Dewey Mahood, aka Plankton Wat

DEWEY MAHOOD, the atmospheric psychedelic guitarist who released his twelfth album as Plankton Wat for Thrill Jockey, Future Times, in late February, has dropped the shroom-surreal video for one of that excellent album’s standout tracks, “Modern Ruins”, a track all garlanded about with echo and twang-shimmer and flutes – you can watch that below.

The former Eternal Tapestry guitarist got together with Portland film-maker and musician of many stripes in his own right Dustin Dybvig to put together a little film by turns starkly one man and his guitar and increasingly acid prismatic, couched in the crumbling post-industrialism of the Oregon city.

Since leaving the deep psych jam shores of Eternal Tapestry, Dewey’s solo guitar excursions have burrowed ever deeper into a psychedelic response to an ever-fracturing world and weaves a path of hope through the darkness.

Plankton Wat’s Future Times is out now from Thrill Jockey digitally, on CD, and on trad black and limited translucent red vinyl; you can order yours direct from the label or, if you’re in the UK, then Rough Trade is a safe bet.

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