Premiere: The magical All India Radio unveils shimmering new instrumental ‘Beginning Part 1’ along with news of nineteenth album ‘The Generator of All Infinity’.

The world of Martin Kennedy’s All India Radio is one of mystical sounds and visions that reflect a retro sci-fi world; rich, lush, shimmering sonic architecture that transports you to another universe, another dimension. The astonishing layered nuanced sounds are accompanied by videos and graphics that evoke this strange and alien metaverse. We are therefore very honoured to premiere today All India Radio’s new single ‘Beginning Part 1’ which comes as All India Radio announce the nineteenth studio album ‘The Generator of All Infinity’, out on 9 September 2022.

Kennedy is a bit of a productive polymath whose work both as All India Radio and through collaborations with some of Australia’s most exciting musicians has created the most awe inspiring work over the last few years. Last year alone saw a collaboration with Steve Kilbey (The Church) – Jupiter 13 – which was my album of the year – and an All India Radio album ‘Afterworld’ (see my review here). More is promised for this year.

‘Beginning Part 1’ is a sparkling instrumental – showcasing Kennedy’s innate ability to paint the most expressive and evocative images through his deft touch without the need for vocals and lyrics. The trademark shimmer that coats his recording is there: an aquatic sense of motion and restlessness delivered through an extraordinary panoply of melodies and effects. Kennedy makes no secret of his admiration for Pink Floyd, and you can see in the genes of this work the elements of psychedelia and dream-like aura that is hypnotising.

Kennedy mixes soft and ethereal synth sounds that float in the air with some muscular guitars that thunder on the horizons. Delicate piano filigrees recall elements of Air while sampled vocals add an M83 level of mystery and intrigue.

The recurring themes of the mysteries of outer space and strange discombobulating worlds influences the sounds – Kennedy says of the track:

I’d just finished reading Arthur C Clarke’s book Childhood’s End about the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords and their giant ships hanging over cities (predating V: The Series and Independence Day by decades!) and I knew I had to write a song about it. There’s nothing more mysterious and inspirational than giant spaceships hanging over cities!

As ever, All India Radio visuals incorporate a strange world of old footage and graphics that mesmerises and disturbs. Kennedy says of the video accompanying the single that it is:

…an edit of some bats**t crazy footage from a 1970s UFO cult who made their own movies…

Watch, be baffled and be hypnotised:

Out on Friday, you can pre-order ‘Beginning Part 1’ to download and stream here. You can also pre-order ‘The Generator of All Infinity’ from Friday through All India Radio’s Bandcamp site here. Brilliant rays of sunshine while all else is dark.

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