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Lisbon's latest artwork

When asked during an interview about the upcoming video for “Vice”, lead singer Matty Varty explained how even things which are as seemingly simple as the track’s artwork can be complex ideas and have interesting tales behind them. The concept with the hellish red neon sign was to place it in unusual places to create juxtaposition which led to a cold, dark, wet night stuck in the countryside. Matty explained that the neon would feature in the video but that it was also a part of their stage dressing at the larger venues on their recent UK tour.

The video itself was also said to feature a Tarantino-esque continuous Steadicam tracking shot and the finished result does not disappoint, starting with the lurid glare of the “Vice” sign before following Matty and the rest of the band around a dark and mysterious bar setting before they take up their instruments to play. The “Vice” sign isn’t alone, as it is joined by a “What the fuck have you done” piece of neon which I have to say would be an interesting addition to any living room and the whole one take video is shot through with a dark and seedy vibe which fits the theme of the song and its lyrics. Matt swaggers through the shot, joining his bandmates for drinks, gambling and music and are joined by enthusiastic young female dancers throwing shapes around the room. It’s not a million miles away from the reality of the recent Lisbon gigs I’ve been to, especially when Matty and co do some of the funkiest dancing this side of a Bruno Mars video. The track is another Lisbon classic, all intricate guitar riffs, cool percussion and soaring vocals and the video is one of the finest single take efforts since the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”.

“Vice” is available to stream and download now. Check out the video here and find out more about the band on twitter and Facebook.

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