News: Zheani shares double A-side single

Photo credit: Mik Shida

Today, Australian “fairy-trap” disruptor Zheani unveils double A-side ”Bring Wet Cunt” and ”Hammerhead” drawn from her forthcoming, independently-released mixtape The Spiritual Meat Grinder out August 25th

The twin tracks are a baptism of fire into Zheani’s radical, electronic underworld. ‘Bring Wet Cunt’ is a cybernetic floor-filler, sticky with sweat and hexed by its relentless, trance-like beat. Zheani shares: “‘Bring Wet Cunt’ runs the line between the literal and the metaphorical. It’s an empowered song about femininity turned up to 11, running free in reckless abandon. It’s visceral: it’s smell; it’s taste; it’s a soft, squishy feeling. It channels the fertility goddess in the form of slutty dance music.” 

Its accomplice is ‘Hammerhead’, which bears its teeth like a snarling chainsaw. Zheani’s vocals rip into the synths: raw-throated, electric howls – it’s her “unsanctimonous take on Aussie pub rock“. She explains: “‘Hammerhead’ is a song about my dad. ‘Hammerhead Sparksy’ was a nickname he developed from nodding off on the front steps and constantly falling flat on his forehead to the point where he walked around with a seemingly permanent mark on the centre of his head. Sadly, my dad was banned from the local pub, isolating us both from the main source of society that existed in this single-block, country town: ‘I have judged you through the years / And I have loved you just the same / You stupid cunt you fucked it / You kept on pissing at the wind’.

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Track list:
1. FML
2. Bring Wet Cunt
3. Touch Grass
4. Hammerhead
5. That’s Hot
6. I’m An Angel Why Am I On My Knees
7. Growing Pains
8. Pathetic Waste
9. I Smell Good

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