Premiere: Death By Piano release new visuals for Nightwalk

Following on from its release last Friday, NYC dark-pop duo Death By Piano have released new visuals for their single ‘Nightwalk’, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Nightwalk is the final instalment in a trilogy of 2020 releases, and minxes up atmospheric synths and electronics with soaring guitar sounds. There’s something of The XX in there with the boy/girl vocals, space and this danceable, earworm of a melody going on, but they’re very much their own people as well.

Of the track, the band say “‘Nightwalk’ is sort of an answer to ‘Emergency’. Before things are about to blow, it’s an effort to air our grievances. A vesper turned midnight dance tune. An effort to get to Newer Light by dawn and put the past to sleep…….”

The accompanying video is a beautifully created journey using computer generated graphics overlaid on dark pictures of Harlem by night. Director Cameron Whitehouse says,

‘How we see the world and often take the every day world for granted is something that is of great interest to me. I enjoy employing art, technology, and music to examine how I feel about the world around me. How can I transform what I see every day into something visually and aurally engaging -and hopefully, magical and beautiful?
In the case of Death By Piano’s “Nightwalk”, I have taken a night time stroll down several familiar streets in Harlem, capturing them with my camera. These photographs, through the use of imaging software, are transformed into point clouds that I can bring into 3D software for further manipulation. I use Death By Piano’s music to control the behavior of additional particle simulations that inhabit the point cloud world in a marriage between sound and motion. The final result is a personal and impressionistic meditation (and collaboration). DBP’s music forms the perfect sonic soup for the familiar to become alien and beautiful, recognizable but transformed -and hopefully speaks to the viewer in unexpected ways.’

Check it out, here

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