Track: Buscabulla cover the classic ‘Cantares’ with their sultry synth pop brilliance

Now here’s a winter warmer – Ultra-hip onetime Brooklyn based, Puerto Rican twosome Buscabulla have sneaked out (via Ribbon Music) this cover of the classic ‘Cantares’ to keep us in touch. Originally recorded by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, the Buscabulla partners, Luis Alfredo Del Valle and Raquel Berrios, bathe the song in their own steamy soak of latin synth pop. If you caught their deceptively deep ‘Regressa’ LP in May you will know that Buscabulla deal in lush layers, nimble rhythms and a lyrical undercurrent of surprising force.

Well, ‘Cantares’ continues the Bascabulla tradition for those boundless combinations and the smartest of grooves. Sensitively keeping the infectious lilt and melodic hook of the original, exploring those traditional drum patterns and travelling with them, it’s a three minute wonder, glowing with a twin- tracked Raquel Berrios vocal sheen. Definitely worth a dip.

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