Premiere: Charlie Lane really wants to ‘Dance With You’ in a epic slice of immersive, sparkling and highly cathartic indie pop.

We were honoured to bring you an early listen to chanteuse Charlie Lane‘s last single ‘Gold Drips’, and to prove lightning really can strike twice, we bring you an exclusive early listen to her follow up, the absolutely enchanting and refreshing ‘Dance With You’, due out on Friday.

Dappling, rippling guitars underpin Lane’s silken vocals that float like a veil in a slipstream of bright and effervescent music. The track sparkles with a contrasting melancholic thread interwoven in the delivery and a synth filigree augmenting the guitars. Lane’s delivery is distinctive with its clarity and raw emotion, expressing a delicious romantic yearning tempered with a grounded reality. The effect is that of a female-fronted The National or James with that sense of heightened melancholia and pop melody, with a brush of Lily Allen or Sharon Van Etten. The track delicately deals with desire and yearning – the anxieties and vulnerabilities of self expression. Lane says of the track:

Dance With You was really a way for me to subtly open up as a Queer woman through song. It’s also about those times when you really like someone, in this case a girl, but your insides are just churning. I guess, the over-thinking of the rejection that hasn’t happened yet.

Lane adds that there is a cathartic element to the song:

It feels really exhilarating to be releasing my second single off the album, but particularly Dance With You.
I directly sing this song as though I’m singing toward a female, and I’m really glad I have finally opened up more in my songs about being a Queer woman. I feel really proud of this song and where it’s going to go.

She captures these universal emotions so well, bleeding through every note, and the accompanying video, directed and edited by Rick Clifford, provides a perfect expression of this self-exposure as the camera captures Lane singing in close up, contrasted by shots of her isolated and from a distance in the neon-lit darkness:

Lane proves her self to be a prodigious talent that stands out in a crowded field – bringing a fresh and celestial perspective with her delicate expression of indie pop.

‘Dance With You’ is out on Friday, 17 May and can be pre-ordered to download and stream here.

Lane’s debut album ‘I’m OK Now, But I Wasn’t’ will be released in later this year.

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