Premiere: Naarm/Melbourne chanteuse Charlie Lane unveils the enigmatic and slow burning fuse that is ‘Gold Drips’, with launch date announced.

Feature Photograph: Marcus Coblyn

We are honoured to premiere the new track ‘Gold Drips’ from Naarm/Melbourne chanteuse Charlie Lane. We are taken on a smooth dappling journey in this soul-inflected track that soars feely in the atmosphere like an sea bird, punctuated by a fuzzy wild guitar break and an insistent driving rhythm.

Co-written and produced by Adam Jack Heath, Lane says of the track:

‘Gold Drips’ was written around enmeshed families, and a co-dependent relationship; what it is to be stuck in a position of loyalty and remembering your strength to break out of that place to do what’s right, even if that means you have to leave what’s comfortable behind. Adam is another co-writer, and is also the guitarist, keys player and backing vocalist whilst also being the producer for this track. Literally an all-round legend. Louis Spencely is on drums, Jethro (Jet) Kalt on Bass, and the amazing Jasmine Johnston on synth and backings.

The result is something as expansive as the desert horizons with a mood redolent of a mix of Amy Winehouse and Sharon Van Etten: bluesy and expressive, delivered with a slow burning passion:

‘Gold Drips’ is out tomorrow and available through all the usual download and streaming sites (you can pre-save here). You can also catch Lane launching the single on 14 March 2024 – details below.

Feature Photograph: Marcus Coblyn

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