Say Psych: Live: Fuzz Club Eindhoven – Day One 03.05.2024

When London based independent label Fuzz Club announced they were once again hosting a two day festival in Eindhoven, fans of psychedelia worldwide gave out a collective cheer. Flights, hotels and tickets were booked in haste, with no-one waiting to find out who would be on the bill – it goes without saying it was going to be good. Then as the bands trickled through, new LPs released in preparation and outfits chosen, the excitement reached fever pitch. And now, after many months of anticipation, day one of FCE24 is here.

Opening events for my festival are Kingston-upon-Hull’s The Black Delta Movement, who specialise in immersive, groove-heavy garage rock. Led by Matt Burr, whose determination and commitment to musical development are writ large across BDM, are a welcome addition to this year’ billing. After seeing their development over many years it is genuinely a pleasure to see them on such a stage, on such a billing, and knowing the work they have put in to get here makes their flawless set all the more satisfying. They have set the bar incredibly high, a further credit to them.

The Black Delta Movement

As the stages run opposite (with no clashes) its now downstairs to Berlin via Brussels’ Golden Hours. Comprised of past and present members of Gang Of Four, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tricky, The Fuzztones and The Third Sound, to name just a few they have the mileage and stories to trade in rock’n’roll missives that are at times dark, tense and hypnotic, at others sweaty, relentless and danceable. Their set is gnarly, in all the right ways, with the light moments balanced imperceptibly with the dark. With this level of talent so early on in the day everyone is realising how special today is going to be.

Next for me are the only Dutch band on the billing, Eindhoven’s own Radar Men from the Moon. The self styled industrialists create a brand of noise all their own, recognisable within a beat. With a(nother) change in line up, they are always loud live but today is next level and ear plugs are hastily plugged in ears all round. Eager fans stand mesmerised and soak in the genius that’s on display.

The Third Sound, some eagle eyes will notice, have two members in common with Golden Hours, yet present very differently. Their appearance here is hot on the back of their sixth LP released digitally last week and it undoubtedly marks the start of the next chapter for the Berlin psych/post-punk band led by Icelandic musician and author Hakon Adalsteinsson. Their set is beautifully delivered, with a set list that captures the imagination and holds peoples attentions, gluing them to the stage. It traverses their extensive back catalogue and ensures their name will be on people’s tongues for the rest of the festival.

The Third Sound

Texas born, LA based Danny Lee Blackwell, AKA Night Beats, is an artist who needs no introduction in these circles and the inclusion of his name on the bill was a huge draw for many. He creates music like one might assemble a puzzle. The Western psychedelic auteur builds his work from one moment, an initial spark, that must fit a certain criteria: it must give him goosebumps. If that sensation arrives, Blackwell will pursue the idea relentlessly until he has a new song; if not, he moves onto the next moment, constantly looking for the perfect molecule of a song. Complete with a live band, his set tonight includes fan favourites such as ‘Sunday Mourning’, ‘No Cops’ and the one that gets the biggest cheer of the night, ‘Puppet on a String’. It’s great to see him back to his best and the smile on his face suggests he loves every minute of it.

Night Beats

The Underground Youth was a project originally conceived in Manchester in 2008. Since then it has undergone countless changes, with Craig Dyer always at its helm. Now based in Berlin and with 11 studio albums under their belt, they are a household name synonymous with Fuzz Club. Their set includes fan favourite ‘Morning Sun’, ‘Mademoiselle’ and ‘I Need You’. The levels they deliver at are always impeccable, tonight is no exception and there are a lot of happy UK heads having seen them live again.

London four-piece Crows are here by association, that being they released their second LP last year on Bad Vibrations Records, a Fuzz Club imprint if ever there was one. That being said, they are most welcome. Equal parts ferocious and hedonistic Crows are a pleasure to listen to and live they really are something else, whether its upstairs in a pub or in a huge venue like Effenaar. Their set includes several tracks from said album including ‘ Room 156’, ‘Garden of England’, their anthem ‘Slowly Separate’ and personal favourite, the ethereal ‘Healing’. They also play several tracks from their previous LP Silver Tongues, ending with ‘Chain of Being’, which always leaves fans wanting more. At first questioned as a strange choice to the bill, Crows have more than held their own and proved why they deserve to be amongst the rest of the Fuzz Club elite.


Liverpool misfits YOBS released their debut LP today, and what better way to celebrate than a late slot here. Emerging out of the rubble of the now-defunct Liverpool bands Weird Sex and Ohmns, YOBS was kick-started in 2022 and has gone from strength to strength. The band revel in an abrasive, fun-as-hell rock’n’roll that will leave your bones rattling just as much as your speakers, or in tonight’s case, the entire room. The fun set is captivating from the get go, with audience participation expected rather than encouraged, and the inquisitive crowd are happy to oblige. The riotous performance leaves people chanting their name as they leave the stage, not bad for a days work.

Every band today has been on top of their game, but the undoubted highlight for me is the blistering set which comes from Dubliners Gilla Band. Previously known as Girl Band, the renamed outfit have been quiet of late, and when a band like this goes quiet you know something good is coming. They push forward such a heady explosion of sound that you can literally feel it hit your face, and while its not for the faint hearted, it more than holds its own on this line up. With shaking floors, walls, speakers and bodies, they fire out a phenomenal set that captivates everyone in the room. The stand out track is ‘Eight Fivers’, with its tongue in cheek lyrics and pulsating rhythm that leaves me stood in awe. Absolutely phenomenal.

Gilla Band

Events are closed out with Flying Moon In Space, a band so bouncy it becomes difficult to understand how they are even playing music. The Leipzig-based group deal in an experimental melting pot of psychedelic pop, krautrock, techno and math-rock, all of which make for a heady mixture that isn’t for everyone but those who have stayed are rewarded with an energetic set that lines up the rest of the festival.

Tired and happy heads are forced out by the efficient security, thankfully knowing we can do it all again tomorrow.

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