Track and News: Johnny Hunter Heralds New Era With Latest Release ‘Frustration’ + The Great Escape Festival Announcement

In a blaze of synth-laden glam-goth glory, Johnny Hunter has stormed into the UK scene with their latest single, ‘Frustration’, igniting comparisons to our favourite post-punk legends while infusing their own brand of modern glam. Produced by Jesse F. Keeler (Death From Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT), this track marks a return to the recording studio after a two-year hiatus and a reinvention for the band as they establish themselves in their new haunting grounds.

Released under Hell Beach/Onelove Records, ‘Frustration’ is bathed in glamour, whilst emerging as a defiant critique of contemporary society, tackling the hollow core of late-stage capitalism with sharp lyrics and a landscape that channels the angst of a generation. Frontman Nick Hutt’s introspective and raw lyricism peels back layers of disillusionment, exposing a world where authenticity is buried beneath the weight of consumerism.

“’Frustration’ is a call to overcome my utter distaste at the state of a world in which no one truly believes in anything except what they consume in order to be perceived. Both the left and right believe in nothing and use the consumer as a means to profit while they simultaneously get fucked.

Every generation has had the idea of “Hell” so to speak. Dante had the vast wood, and Eliot had the millions of dead soldiers walking around in London. I see our hell as being stuck in the middle of millions of apartments where all that we have is the stagnant light of consumer mediums that bleed us dry over and over again for the rest of time. Now watch me be a plastic man hiding in despair in a porno.”

The creative genesis of ‘Frustration’ was a collaborative effort, conceived at the piano of the BVH (Botany View Hotel) and nurtured by a collective vision that solidifies the band as a full-fledged force. With Dakota Fisher (bass), joining Xander Burgess (guitar), Mason Lewtas (guitar), Gerry Thompson (Drums) and Nicholas Hutt (vocals), the band has evolved, ready to carve out a new path beyond their Australian roots.

Less than a month has passed since their triumphant Eora/Sydney farewell with three sold-out shows at Low 302, and already, Johnny Hunter is set to make their mark at The Great Escape in Brighton, England. This UK debut signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the band and fans, merging new-wave glam influences with a compelling narrative that has already garnered them a devoted following worldwide.

Catch them at the ITB Showcase on Thursday, May 16, and the Sounds Like Australia Showcase on Saturday, May 18 (tickets here).

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