Premiere: JD Pinkus can’t help himself on ‘I Would Like to Pet It’, new solo album due next month

We last covered JD Pinkus here in the run-up to his collaborative album with Mike Savino/Tall Tall Trees, released in late June of last year. The former Butthole Surfers and (the) Melvins man has been busy since then, and he’s got an entire new record ready to go sooner than you think. The proper follow-up to 2021’s Fungus Shui is out in a matter of weeks.

Announced last month alongside the release of ‘Charmer’. the album’s called Grow a Pear, and its 12 songs also include ‘I Would Like to Pet It’, which we’re delighted to be premiering below. Of the album, Pinkus says: “Grow a Pear has been in the works for 5 years. What started as my contributions for the ‘new’ [Butthole Surfers] album that was not to be‚ turned into a solo album I recorded with contributions from some of my favorite flavor players to create an album that most represents where I came from and bridges to where I’m at right now. My wishes for the future, is that everyone in the world will finally ‘Grow A Pear’. A ‘Pear’ of albums on one vinyl‚ a combo of heavy psychedelia, drum and bass grooves, bouncy boogie, catchy tunes, and sprinkles of tastee horns, keys and strings thrown in‚ kinda like a thumb over the genre-hose nozzle, something for everyone and nothing for someone‚ guaranteed!” 

Get up to speed with the new single and ‘Charmer’ below; Grow a Pear bears fruit on Shimmy-Disc on Friday June 7th.

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