Live Gallery: Drama at the Metro Theatre, Sydney 09.05.2024


Chicago-based duo DRAMA are appearing at the Metro tonight as part of their first Australian headline tour. Amidst a massive 2023, which included an appearance at Coachella, a critically acclaimed collaboration with Flight Facilities, and the release of their EP titled ‘Till We Die,’ DRAMA, comprising producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa, are eagerly awaited by the capacity crowd.

As a second-generation Palestinian American, Shehade carries with him a deeply personal connection to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. So as the band takes the stage there is a feeling of particular poignancy. However, as soon as the first notes of their delicious dance music fill the space, the audience is immediately transported to a euphoric realm untouched by the troubles of the world. With each pulsating beat and infectious melody, DRAMA effortlessly captivates the crowd, their irresistible tunes serving as a temporary escape from reality. In this moment, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, music proves its remarkable ability to unite, uplift, and transport, reminding us all of the power it holds to help us forget our worries and simply dance the night away.

Check out our gallery below.

The tour moves on to Melbourne and Brisbane next. Tickets HERE.

DRAMA Setlist Metro Theatre, Sydney 9.05.2024
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