Live Review: Kelly Jones – Town Hall, Birmingham 05.05.24

Kelly Jones brought a captivating night of music to a sold out Birmingham crowd, not once but three times this weekend is support of new album ‘Inevitable Incredible’ which came out on May 3rd 2024.

Kelly Jones, lead singer of Welsh rockers, Stereophonics has really changed the pace with this album and these live shows feel like we’ve been invited into his living room for a personal performance.

Upon getting to the venue, everyone was asked to put their phones in sealed bags for the performance, Kelly wanted us to have no distractions, and take us on a journey for an hour where you don’t need your phone and you can just enjoy being in the moment. This was a nice touch, as it was nice to not see phone screens in the air and people just enjoying this small time together.

The crowd tonight were perfect, sitting and taking in the performance, only breaking the silence to give rounds of applause in between each song, and a slight chanting war about who loves Kelly more.

The showmanship of Kelly shines through as he guides us through tales of the tracks off the new album whilst showing a vast knowledge of Marvel characters, and jokes about hot tubbing in Norway. I won’t spoil them here incase your going to another one of the shows on this small tour.

Opening the night seated behind a piano with title track from the album, ‘Inevitable Incredible’ before playing the album in its entirety, with new single ‘Monsters In The House’ sounding particular great in the live setting.

Following a short interval Kelly and his backing band returned to the stage to perform ‘Restless Mind’ from Stereophonics 2019’s ‘Kind’ which was a beautiful moment seeing Kelly playing the harmonica whilst sitting back on a chair, singing and playing almost effortless.

It was this section of the show where we saw Kelly leave the piano behind and get behind the guitars playing a handful of Stereophonic tracks from their long career.

Closing the show tonight Kelly finished with one of the biggest Stereophonics hits ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ which on completion got a standing ovation from the Birmingham crowd, whose appreciation for this special show was evident.

Kelly Jones has always been a master showman and song writer, and tonights show proves he has so much more in the tank and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

Kelly takes the Inevitable Incredible tour through to the end of May, with sold out shows up and down the country, if you’ve got tickets for any of the future shows your in for a great night


  1. Inevitable Incredible
  2. Turn Bad Into Good
  3. Time Running Away
  4. Echo Wrecked
  5. Sometimes You Fly Like the Wind
  6. Monsters In The House
  7. May I Come Home From The War
  8. The Beast Will Be What The Beast Will Be
  9. Restless Mind
  10. Boy On A Bike
  11. Fly Like An Eagle
  12. This Life
  13. Make Friends
  14. Maybe Tomorrow
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