Track: STR^NGE Share Beguiling New Single ‘Gal Gadot’s Vertigo Overthrow’

Liverpool-based band STR^NGE unveils their latest sonic escapade with the vibrant and genre-bending single, ‘Gal Gadot’s Vertigo Overthrow’, a tantalising preview of their upcoming EP.

Produced by the esteemed Jose Ibanez of The Heavy North, ‘Gal Gadot’s Vertigo Overthrow’ signifies a bold departure from STR^NGE’s previous works. The single serves as a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming full release, showcasing the band’s willingness to explore diverse styles and experimentations in the studio.

Combining elements of indie-rock with tongue-in-cheek scuzz-pop, the track captures the infectious energy of STR^NGE’s electrifying live performances. With soaring guitar riffs, urgent lead vocals, and a dynamic rhythm section, the song embodies the spirit of raucous revelry while maintaining a keen focus on melodic hooks and witty lyricism.

Comparable to the likes of The Fratellis , ‘Gal Gadot’s Vertigo Overthrow’ transports listeners into a kaleidoscopic soundscape that defies categorisation.

Reflecting on their evolving sound, STR^NGE expresses excitement about their upcoming releases, stating, “The single serves as a follow-up to our previous EP, ‘Let’s Leave the Greyhounds in the Slips,’ and offers a glimpse into the experimentation and growth we’ve experienced in the studio. Our forthcoming EP represents a departure into new musical territories, and we’re eager for listeners to join us on this journey.”

With a string of sold-out hometown shows in Liverpool, STR^NGE continue to cement their place as ones to watch.

Listen below:

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