Track: Floodhounds – Near-Life Experience

Jacob Flannery

After sharing the singles ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Psychosemantics’, the Yorkshire trio Floodhounds have returned with their first music of the year with the new track ‘Near-Life Experience’.

Songwriter Jack Flynn says,

“The riff came first, and we knew straight away that it had some real punch behind it. Lyrically, the song delves into the struggle of feeling numb and disillusioned but reminding you to break free of that apathy, seize the day and hold on to the moments that make you feel alive. I’m sure everyone has felt those moments when the daily grind overwhelms you, and you feel like you’re not living your life to the fullest, hopefully some of that energy blasting through the speakers can reach out to drag you up out of the haze.”

It is a full-on, in-your-face track that attacks with its booming bass, heavy riff, and vocals spat straight down the microphone. Topped by explosive singalong choruses this is a track thats stage stage-ready and pairs nicely with the bands previous singles.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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