Live Gallery: Chelsea Cutler Live At The Metro Theatre, Sydney 02.05.2024

Chelsea cutler

Chelsea Cutler brings her signature blend of raw lyrics and lush soundscapes to the Metro Theatre tonight, marking her Sydney and Australian debut. From her early days producing music in her bedroom to streaming millions worldwide, Cutler has carved a distinct niche with her heartfelt confessions wrapped in electronic beats. Her ‘The Beauty Is Everywhere’ Tour has an impressive 29-date run of North American shows, including a performance at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Here at the Metro, the audience is a vivid tapestry of youthful energy, predominantly composed of young women. The atmosphere is distinctly laid-back, with a relaxed, easy-going vibe. While awaiting Cutler’s appearance, the crowd finds a common voice as they sing along to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor,’ a track that has recently gained renewed popularity after being featured in the movie ‘Saltburn.’

Cutler bounds onto the stage with the exuberance of a live wire, her presence instantly electrifying the air. During a break in her set, the crowd, exhorts her to perform a “shoey”—an infamous Australian concert tradition. With a grin, she adeptly replies that she’s been media-trained to state clearly, “I don’t drink alcohol,” sidestepping the challenge with a charm that endears her further to her audience. In between songs, she addresses the straight men in the crowd: “My straight guys, you are statistically more likely to get laid tonight,” she declares, sparking roars of laughter and a wave of amused cheers throughout the venue. Her performance throbs with a relentless energy, a palpable force that the crowd devours eagerly.

Check out our gallery below.

Cutler will visit Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth next. Head HERE for tickets.

Chelsea Cutler Setlist – Metro Theatre, Sydney 02.05.2024
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