Premiere: Naarm/Melbourne Artist Kaiyah Mercedes Unleashes Sparkling Sophomore Album ‘Trying to Hate You’

Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Kaiyah Mercedes unveils her latest album, ‘Trying To Hate You‘, in an exclusive premiere with Backseat Mafia today! This sparkling and intimate album, produced by Seetali Mack and mixed by Garrett Kato, offers a sweetly captivating exploration of unrequited love.

“‘Trying To Hate You’ is about unrequited love at its simplest level. Each track explores a new perspective and a new situation when it comes to loving someone who doesn’t love you back. The album is a journey of the emotions that come with this situation, from professions of “trying to hate” this other person to the acceptance of the beauty of love despite its unrequited nature”, explains Kaiyah.

Poetically, the album begins with ‘The End.’, a mesmerising blend of vintage piano chords and electronic nuances that paint a cinematic landscape reminiscent of the ‘Heartbreak High’ soundtrack. This dynamic opening track pulls you in unexpected directions, weaving a captivating story from the very start.

‘Digging Graves’ featuring L.i.E, opens with ethereal synths and layers of rich, velvety vocal tones, weaving together to create a spellbinding melody that envelops the listener. As the track progresses, the rhythmic production of ‘Painkillers’ emerges, perfectly complementing Kaiyah’s evocative storytelling. Her vocals carry a raw and potent emotion, drawing us into the narrative of each song with depth and sincerity.

‘Salvation’ emerges with electric guitar arpeggios anchoring Kaiyah’s angelic falsetto against urgent vocals, creating a compelling contrast of sound and emotion. This track sets the stage for ‘Falling Is Fatal’, which features pulsating synths and guitar melodies that paint a glittering backdrop for more of Kaiyah’s poignant storytelling.

‘If We Never Speak Again’ starts with a voicemail, a special introduction that sets the tone for an uplifting indie-pop beat reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s signature style. This track captures a sense of hope and nostalgia. Following this, ‘How To Get Over You’ creates a bittersweet atmosphere with the embrace of warm piano tones. Kaiyah’s emotive vocals shine as she captures the complexities of moving on from a past love with grace and introspection.

The title track, ‘Trying To Hate You’, introduces a captivating blend of indie-electronic sounds, creating a unique fusion that sets a dreamy backdrop for Kaiyah’s introspective lyrics. The whimsical words vividly depict modern-day romance and the intricate emotions tied to unrequited love.

Accompanying the album release is the premiere of the ‘Trying To Hate You’ music video, featuring Kaiyah in a black and white cinematic setting, elegantly adorned in vintage attire. The video adds a nostalgic and romantic touch, enhancing the song’s narrative and enveloping us in a world reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s sweetest dreams.

The album culminates with ‘Cinema Girl’, skillfully weaving tender memories into resonant melodies. It serves as a perfect conclusion, beautifully wrapping up the journey that Kaiyah has taken us on throughout this album.

Trying To Hate You‘ showcases Kaiyah Mercedes’ unique glam-pop world, filled with sincere vocals and infectious beats. This album truly shines as a testament to her burgeoning talent and artistic vision. ‘Trying To Hate You’ will be officially released tomorrow, Friday, May 3rd and is available for pre-save here.

‘Trying To Hate You’ Track List:

  1. ‘The End.’
  2. ‘Digging Graves’ feat. L.i.E
  3. ‘Painkillers’
  4. ‘Salvation’
  5. ‘Falling Is Fatal’
  6. ‘If We Never Speak Again’
  7. ‘How To Get Over You’
  8. ‘Trying To Hate You’
  9. ‘Cinema Girl’
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