Album Review: Navigating the Melodic Maze of Pop Filter’s Latest Album ‘CONO’ + Tour Dates!

The Breakdown

'CONO' stands as both timeless and genre-defying, shining a spotlight on Pop Filter's undeniable talent. This album refuses to fade into the background; it demands attention from start to finish, unveiling itself as a complete and masterful journey.
Bobo Integral 9.8

From Australia comes the indie collective Pop Filter, featuring members from The Ocean Party, Cool Sounds, and Snowy Band. Their latest musical masterpiece, ‘CONO,’ is a testament to spontaneity, charm, and absolute understated brilliance.

‘CONO’, their third album, emerges three years after the release of ‘Donkey Gully Road’. The album came to life through weekly gatherings at a makeshift studio in Coburg North, the industrial estate not only played host but also lent its name to the album, providing a raw and authentic backdrop for the entire creative process.

Pop Filter showcases a newfound openness, blending various musical styles while maintaining a cohesive and thoughtfully sequenced album. The tracks seamlessly transition from a simple voice memo to lively garage pop rock ballads. When it comes to defining this band’s sound, you have to ask “Is there anything they aren’t doing?”, every song is so distinctly their own in every different way possible. Diving into subjects such as place, isolation, purpose, and its absence, the lyrics maintain a reflective and sincere tone, contributing depth to the overall narrative of the album.

The journey through Pop Filter’s album ‘CONO’ unfolds with the captivating charm of ‘Sideways,’ serving as a fantastic introduction. This special song sets a unique tone, especially for those with a soft spot for the distinctive Australian singing accent. Layered beautifully, it embraces a slow tempo accompanied by distinct electric guitars and a robust drum beat.

As the album progresses, ‘Heaven Sent‘ emerges as a dynamic shift, accelerating the pace with its indie rock anthem vibes. A track that feels like a long-awaited companion. The stark contrast to the previous song adds to the anticipation of more, a potential favourite for many.

Undertow‘ follows suit, captivating with its beautiful angst, reminiscent of a surf rock classic – is that a cowbell? The strong groove and finish with an unexpected introduction of wind instruments add depth and dimension. ‘Alone‘ showcases beautiful, soft and simple vocals. It’s a sudden highlight to the band’s talent and ability to seamlessly weave various genres, instruments, and vibes into one song.

Everything Must Go‘ stands out as a poetic interlude. The beauty of the composition lies in its ability to resonate with probably everyone. The soft rock vibes of ‘Fighting Spirit‘ then demonstrate the album’s perfect balance of talent, angst, and emotional highs and lows. The track showcases strong, talent-fueled vocals paired with a clear beat – a standout piece for sure.

Pop Filter: Live!,’ serves as a unique moment within the album, resembling a love letter to the band itself. Simple yet profound lyrics and an angsty hook create a journey ready for both the best and worst of days. Side note: The voice notes left in between songs feel like a nice Easter Egg.

See What You Like‘ and ‘Silver Lining‘ emerge as distinctive indie rock gems, characterized by strong vocals, captivating riffs, and dynamic drum beats. ‘Indulged In Myself‘ unveils itself with the first few notes, immediately signalling something special. The song delivers beautifully, becoming a favourite with its lyrics that feel like a cathartic release. The subtle blues feel intertwines seamlessly with Pop Filter’s distinct sound.

The album culminates with ‘Racin’ Like Hell,’ a rollercoaster that touches on catheters, cancer, and the urgency of racing home to love, offering a poignant conclusion to ‘CONO.’

In summary, ‘CONO’ stands as both timeless and genre-defying, shining a spotlight on the undeniable talent of Lachlan Denton, Curtis Wakeling, Jordan Thompson, Nick Kearton, Liam Halliwell and Mark Rogers. This album refuses to fade into the background; it demands attention from start to finish, unveiling itself as a complete and masterful journey.

Pop Filter’s CONO Tour Dates:

Friday, Dec 15 – Petersham Bowling Club, Eora (Petersham, NSW)

Saturday, Dec 16 – Franks Wild Years, Dharawal (Thirroul, NSW)

Sunday, Dec 17 – The Bridge, Dja Dja Warrung (Castlemaine, VIC) – *Free Entry

Monday, Dec 18 – The Merrie Creek Tavern, Naarm (Melbourne, VIC)

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