Track: We Are Iso produce a catchy dance floor filler ‘Love n’ Trust’ out of the pains of isolation.

Sometimes good things can come from bad, and the plethora of good music being born from the thralls of isolation is an example. The unlikely combination of vocalist Straalen Mccullem (apparently the youngest ever signing to Sony music at the age of nine) and DJ Jessy Mulholland, trapped in some pandemic nightmare has given rise to to the group We Are Iso and the release of a bright and hyperkinetic single ‘Love’n Trust’.

DJ Jessy Mulholland says,

The song started off with just a simple vocal hook – “love… trust” – and evolved into a story about a long-term relationship that was very much one-sided love. The couple are stuck in a loophole with no escape – even at their worst, when they fight and cheat on each other, they stay together, hoping one day they could just let it go…This song is groovy as, with a heavy festival vibe. You can’t help but dance to it and the hook gets stuck in
your head! We are so proud of this one!

Accompanying the song is a video directed by Alan Woodman of Nixie Films, featuring the duo performing late into the night in a remote location. Mccullem says:

The song is super powerful so we wanted to keep the video stripped back to really let the song tell the story. Filming at night was such a vibe even though Jessy was rugged up in his big jacket and I was freezing! It just felt so right for the song. Alan our director was awesome and managed to capture the moon perfectly as it watched on directly behind us. All round, it was such an epic night and I’m so glad we got to capture it!

it is certainly visually arresting and goes well with the sparse, sparlkiling instrumentation and McCallum’s glorious vocals that are soulful and melodic:

It’s catchy and establishes a stronghold between the ears. Love n’ Trust can be downloaded or streamed here.

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