Track: Motorcycle Display Team Shine On Ambitious New Single ‘To The Endless’

Motorcycle Display Team (MDT) returns with the intoxicating, 70s tinged new single ‘To The Endless’. Offering a poignant glimpse into their upcoming EP, ‘Heartbeaten’, the track offers a heartfelt and personal journey over a rich sonic backdrop.

Journeying through a luscious soundscape of twinkling piano, bright guitar, tight understated drums and cinematic strings, the track showcases mature songwriting with it’s subtle key changes and beautifully constructed melodies, highlighted by the interweaving dual vocals and harmonies.

As the song progresses, the arrangement swells, incorporating a dynamic vocal duet that adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Despite its six-minute duration the track carries it’s development well, growing and developing throughout in such a way that it would fit the score for musical theatre, much like the work of Queen, or more recently The Last Dinner Party.

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “We wanted to take two tales of ordinary broken people and tell them with grace and humility. And Nick Squires’ delicate string arrangements, along with the layers of piano and backing vocals, lend these tawdry stories of the everyday human experience a tender grandeur.”

Listen below:

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