Track: Ezra Collective Strike Gold Again with joyous new single, “Ajala”

Photo Credit: Temi Adegbayibi

Prepare to be transported on a joyous journey through Afro jazz/funk with Ezra Collective’s latest single, “Ajala,” out now on Partisan Records. The dynamic London quintet, fresh off their 2023 Mercury Music Prize win, are back with a slice of that perfectly captures their infectious live energy.

With “Ajala,” Ezra Collective gives us a taste of their electrifying stage presence, the live interaction with an audience showing the personality and humour of the group. The track effortlessly blends Afrobeats and Highlife with their signature jazz flair, paying homage to the nomadic spirit of Olabisi Ajala, the legendary Ghanaian-Nigerian adventurer who famously toured the world on his scooter.

The bands Femi Koleoso commented, ‘Ajala the Traveller is a journalist from Nigeria whose story is really beautiful. He decided that he wanted to travel the whole world on a moped and what ended up happening was his name became slang in Yoruba. 

‘Ajala travel’ is slang for someone that can’t sit still. It’s the way a lot of people would describe me, but for me it’s also what a great drum beat does, it’s what great music does to me, it means I can’t sit still and I just want to move. Ajala is all about that movement.’

What sets Ezra Collective apart is their ability to fuse undoubted virtuosity with pure, unadulterated joy, and never sacrificing the soulful virtuosity to do so. . “Ajala” is a testament to this—completely brilliant performance ange yet bursting with the band’s infectious enthusiasm.

Ezra Collective’s upcoming tour promises to be an electrifying celebration of their expansive discography, kicking off on May 11th at the launch of the British Library’s Beyond the Bassline exhibition. Notably, they’ll be making history as the first UK jazz act to headline London’s iconic OVO Arena Wembley on November 15th—a testament to their growing influence and appeal.

So, if you’re craving a musical escape that’s equal parts skillful and soulful, look no further than “Ajala” by Ezra Collective. Check it out, here

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