See: Radical Face release video for Rivers in the Dust

Jacksonville, Florida singer songwriter Ben Cooper, und his Radical Face alter ego has released a new video for the track Rivers in the Dust, taken from his new album the third in his family tree trilogy, tracing the fantastical lives of the 19th century Northcotes family.

Of the video, Cooper says “This video was shot by my good friend, Destyn Patera, who filmed it entirely alone on some deserted farmland in South Georgia over the course of two nights. The time lapse shots alone took 4 hours each, and on the second night he was even stalked by what he assumes was a coyote. He never saw more than the eyes shining in the brush, but it was certainly no housecat and kept creeping around the building over the course of an hour. He tried to ignore, but between the animal and the cold, he got out of there soon after. I owe him one. Haha.”

It’s a think of beauty shot against the desperate, lonely vibe of the song, as it trudges along, the bare piano lines giving it this sense of rawness, which contrasts the sweetness of the melody.

check it out, here

Family Tree Trilogy: The Leaves is out 25th March on Nettwerk.

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