News: Mannequin Death Squad want to play it ‘Safe And Warm’ with DZ Deathray’s Shane Parsons, along with news of release date for upcoming album

Australian punk duo, Mannequin Death Squad have teamed with DZ Deathray’s Shane Parsons in latest single, ‘Safe And Warm‘. It is the third song the band have released since their debut album broke in 2022.

Safe And Warm‘ sees the band pursue their signature firebrand style, with a raucous and fast-paced song that is certainly no slow-burner. From the opening riff through it’s full two-and-a-half minutes, ‘Safe And Warm’ burns with the blinding intensity of magnesium alight.

The band explain the inspiration behind the song “‘Safe and Warm’ explores the lengths that people will go to stay comfortable and not inconvenienced, even if it’s to their downfall. Shining a light on reliance and control, it explores how complacency can be exploited in all areas of life. Listening back, the song definitely inspires us to become more self reliant and responsible for our own destiny, free of external control. It also feels like a battle between weakness and strength that pulls back and forth throughout the 2 minutes and 39 seconds of guitar-driven chaos. The idea for bringing in Shane (DZ Deathrays) was really fun too. The song was pretty much finished, but we felt it needed an extra edge and level of play. We immediately thought his vocals would fit the vibe and intensity of the song. We love the DZ stuff so it was cool to have him DM us back on Insta saying he’s keen to be on the track. We absolutely love how it all came out.”

Accompanying the release is the explosive music video directed by Vanessa Cox and edited by the band themselves, along with Harvey Newlands. The fast-paced editing imitates the frenzied performance, with quick cuts and dynamic camera angles that capture the exhilarating intensity of the song itself. 

The duo have also just announced that their sophomore, as yet unnamed album, which follows on from debut album, Super Mental Psycho (reviewed by Backseat Mafia here) will be out on Friday, November 22.

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