Track: Belvedere – Good Grief Retreat

Canadian skate punk band Belvedere have released the first single ‘Good Grief Retreat’, taken off the upcoming LP ‘Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense,’ set for release (digital/CD/vinyl ) on May 14 via Thousand Islands Records in North America and Lockjaw Records in Europe and the UK.

Belvedere’s Steve Rawles says,

“This song speaks of the average worker and the system that benefits off their labour. While the rich can hide behind laws, regulations and a corporate veil that doesn’t hold them accountable for their actions, the worker never gets ahead and has no chance of closing the wage and lifestyle gap. The Retreat in the title refers to the general populace demanding better conditions.”

Punchy guitars, insane drumming and some angry lyrical phrasing help this track standout. With the insane drums driving this track along as there is no escape from the frantic pace. These guys have been a round for a long time and show no signs of stopping or running out of great tracks either.

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Album Tracklisting:

1. Happily Never After

2. Elephant March

3. The Ides

4. Camera Obscura

5. Retina

6. Chromatic

7. Good Grief Retreat

8. Comrade (feat. Roger Lima)

9. 2 Fast 2 Furious

10. Memento Mori (feat. Dylan Toews)

11. Automate (feat. Rody Walker)

12. Heartbreaker

13. Peace In Our Time

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