Track: DeeCRACKS – Don’t Turn Your Heart Off

Austrian punks DeeCRACKS have released their video for ‘Don’t Turn Your Heart Off’, the second single from the band’s new record Serious Issues which is out now via Pirate Press Records.

“This one is dedicated to all the people who aren’t afraid of believing in themselves and are following their own path. To me, that’s what defines punk. To be yourself and not bother what people say or think about you,”

says frontman Matt DeeCRACK.

A sweet laid back track that sounds full of hope and positive vibes. A steady razor sharp rhythm and melodic theme keep this track burning with a punk perfect vocal performance from Matthias Karlo. Had this track on repeat several times already.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

Pre order the album here

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