Premiere: We get exclusive access to Keelan X’s new single ‘Fever’; an infectious, burning, disco-infused blast.

We are proud to exclusively unveil the new single ‘Fever’ from Ireland artist Keelan X, former member of The Marigolds.

‘Fever’ very much has an eighties genetic link with its lush bubbling sounds and sky-high melodies. The result is something energetic and euphoric with a frenetic pace and an aquatic sibilance. Keelan X displays a keen sense of pop sensibility with a yearning, shimmering sheen and a disco-infused pace. He says of the track:

I wrote the song to capture that smouldering, overwhelming feeling of being totally consumed by someone and at the same time not entirely sure if it would last. Love and desire evoke a powerful cascade of mixed emotions in us; including rapture and risk. It’s a universal feeling we’ve all had at some point in our lives. I wanted to try and capture this in a song.

Sonically, I was after a sensual, smouldering sound to represent the feeling of desire in ‘Fever’. I also wanted the song to have some low-key disco danceability and a bit of oomph in the chorus. In my head I saw it as the kind of song a DJ would play in a club where you’d want to get up and dance to it, either by yourself in your own little world or perhaps with someone else.

The result is something quite vibrant and liberating:

‘Fever’ skips out into the ether on Friday, 29 July 2022 and you can pre-order here.

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