Track: Perth’s Great Gable’s new single ‘Our Love’ is a gliding, soaring slice of sparkling sunshine. Plus tour news.

Feature Photograph: Axoloti

‘Our Love’, the new single from Westerns Australia’s Great Gable, eases through the consciousness like a bird gliding through a cloudless blue sky: the sparse and evocative music fluttering and turning effortlessly while the vocals are soft and easy. The result is something quite mesmerising, like lying in a floatation tank while your senses drift into the ether.

Western Australia continues to produce some of the most sparkling music – there must be something in the dry air, isolated as it is from the world, acting as petri dish – fomenting some radiant musical culture.

Frontman Alex Whiteman says of the track.

It’s about the morning sun coming through your bedroom window and shining on the one you love

Indeed the track is suffuse with a languid bucolic air:

Great Gable have also announced a massive tour through Australia and New Zealand – details below and tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Axoloti

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