South London rapper Deema shares a new single, “Hash Brown,” from his forthcoming EP, Chew Your Food. The EP, set for a July 3rd release, is Deema’s debut and contains seven tracks. On “Hash Brown,” Deem receives an assist from David Armada. This is the second single to drop from the EP. On June 3rd, Deema released “Rat Race.”

According to Deema, “‘Hash Brown’ is the real banger on my Chew Your Food EP. So of course we need bangers, and mash for the video…and a balaclava.” The video for “Hash Brown” was produced and directed by Greedy Goons. Grab your balaclava and nod your heads!

Chew Your Food track list:

1. Hash Brown

2. Se4

3. Dungeon

4. Rat Race

5. Dead Weight

6. All I See

7. Stranger