Newcastle post-punks Swine Tax have returned with a new member (Evan Lynn on Synth) and and a new video for their track Screensaver. It comes ahead of their anticipated debut EP, release date to be confirmed, like everything else pretty much in these lockdown times.

Speaking on the single, the band said: “Screensaver is about losing your password. It’s an in-joke about our technophobia, but it also attempts to get to the heart of a more widespread feeling of alienation that’s fostered by technology. Lyrically we took a more direct approach than is often applied to the issue, by painting a vivid picture of a familiar subject we sought to highlight the everyday absurdities of a life lived online. We didn’t then imagine how relevant the track would be during this global pandemic – many of us are gawping at screens all day, slowly going insane and totally reliant on technology to communicate.”

It’s a fizzing, almost psychedelic slab of post-punk, this mesmerising and Adrenalin fuelled rhythm section propelling the song onward, with agitated vocals and these glorious slashy guitars.

The video, directed by drummer Charlie Radford in a fit of lockdown induced cabin fever, takes us on a cut-and-paste nightmare ride through zoom quizzes, online ads and daily briefings. Check it out, here