Track: Clwb Fuzz – No Heaven

Cool and assured with just a hint of delicious malevolence, ‘No Heaven’, the new single from Welsh band Clwb Fuzz is an absolute sonic delight. If a reference is needed, there is a Bad Seeds insouciance to the music, a dash of Mazzy Star and Sonic Youth and a quiet/loud ethic that The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pixies would feel proud of. This is indeed exciting stuff for lovers of gothic shoegaze and psych.

Emily Kocan, the vocalist and bass player says of the track:

Instrumentally I recall listening to a lot of The Breeders, their album “Pod” specifically I had on repeat a lot. I’ve always been a big fan of Kim Deal and her dominant bass-lines and feminine vocals with elegant yet menacing hints of filth, I really like that..

And therein lies the delight – the crunchy grit and attitude, the fundamental genetic core of feedback, wildly excessive noise filtered by a driving rhythm and melody and Kocan’s floating vocals:

Clwb Fuzz hail from Cardiff and are a very exciting band with a reputation for their entertaining live performances. The single is out through Libertino Records on 3 April and is available through all the normal streaming platforms.

Mae hwn yn fand cyffrous iawn.

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