Duo Sail by Summer – Norwegian Grammy winner William Hut and his Danish collaborator Jens Kristian have released a new video for their track Lowlowlow. It comes ahead of their debut album Casual Heaven, out on May 1st via Apollon, and we’re delighted to premiere it here today on Backseat Mafia.

Sail by Summer pull together elements of electro, indie and folk pop, but they coat it in this warm melodic hue, as is the case with Lowlowlow, which bubbles with this nostalgic melancholy, as guitar figures and stuttering synths wrap themselves around the vocal harmonies. Of the track, Hut says “Sometimes you need to slow down to get back in shape. If you feel lost in despair and nightfall sneaks up on you. You need to harvest your dreams and «lowlowlow» will be your companion in all its glory.“

It accompanied by this beautiful, almost part animated, part filmed video, reminiscent of a-ha’s iconic Take on Me video. The footage, centred around a day out by the lakes, matches the words and seems to fit the vibe of the whole track, with this gorgeous sense of wistfulness that purveys. Check it out, here