Live Review: Jessie Ware – o2 Academy, Birmingham 01.12.2021 plus gallery

Wednesday brings a very different event to what was experienced 2 days before in the same venue. Jessie Ware’s support act comes in the form of a drag queen DJ set from the one and only Jodie Harsh. Anyone walking into this already packed venue, is a little confused at what’s happening at first but it doesn’t take long to get into the rhythm of the night. Jodie is going down an absolute treat and it’s hard to tell if the main act herself is going to be able to beat what we’re currently witnessing. Whilst the outskirts of the crowd are still feeling the cold, the dancing is sure to warm them up.

The lights don’t rise between acts meaning we have to wait for the music to die down to know when we’re going to get to Jessie ware enter the stage. The 20 minutes pass quickly and the crowd goes wild as her dancers enter the stage first leaving just enough time for her to get the crowd ready for what we’re about to experience. Half way through ‘Ooh La La’, the second song of the night, Jessie heckles the crowd with a simple “Oh, you know the words do you?” sending just about everyone into a frenzy.

It’s been so long since we’ve been treated to some good, old fashioned choreography and to be completely honest, it was so refreshing to watch. Jessie is such a pleasure to watch and listen to due to her being both humble and the complete package at the same time. This is the first night of the tour and you can tell that Jessie has been waiting for this night for a long time; from the outfit changes to the interactions with the crowd, she is definitely living for every moment she has on this stage.

‘Wildest Moments’ is the 5th song on this unbelievable setlist and the 2012 hit understandably has everyone scream singing and dancing. The good vibes and crowd interactions continue through the entire evening and it’s nice to see her check that everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s a bold choice to play ‘Say You Love Me’ (her biggest Spotify hit) half way through the night but it’s clear to see that she knows exactly what she’s going. We’re then treated to ‘Champagne Kisses’ where Jessie shows to us that even the high notes aren’t a struggle; there are extreme Kate Bush vibes during the next few minutes as ‘Midnight’ is next. Her sparkly black veil is the only thing that can make this song even more dramatic and the audience are loving everything she’s giving out.

From dramatic funeral to 80’s disco to club night, Jessie Ware definitely uses the stage and the audience to show that she is more than a one trick pony. She makes the evening memorable from beginning to end and definitely leaves everyone wanting more at every turn.

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