Film Review: A Sexplanation

Alex Liu holding a chocolate penis

Sex is not a subject we like to talk about. Especially not with our families. While it might crop up frequently with friends, that’s not to say we’re comfortable discussing the nuts and bolts. Or holding court on our deepest phobias, foibles or fantasies. The way we receive, and the amount of, information available about sex differs markedly, depending on where you live. In the USA, any discussion around sex is political with a large and small ‘p’.

Alex Liu is your typical thirty-something queer Asian American. Growing up, sex was not something that was spoken about at the dinner table. He was taught at school that abstinence made you a better person. This wall of silence resulted in him repressing his sexuality and feeling alienated and different from everyone else. In his new film, A Sexplanation, he embarks on a quest to uncover the hard facts about sex in America.  

A Sexplanation is a fun and flighty documentary which tackles serious subjects in a light and informative way. Liu interviews a wide range of people (including psychologists, sex researchers and a priest) and canvases the views of the public. What quickly becomes apparent is that the US’s obsession with puritanism is harming children. There’s nothing new in A Sexplanation, but it’s a heartfelt personal journey which entertainingly illustrates the impact shame has on young minds.

A Sexplanation is released in the UK and EIRE on Digital Download on 6 June.

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