Track: The Undercover Hippy – These Days

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These Days is the second single taken from The Undercover Hippy’s forthcoming album ‘Poor Little England’, which is scheduled for release in October this year. 

“This was one of those songs that just came out of nowhere,”

says Billy Rowan, the man behind The Undercover Hippy.

“I was jamming some chords with my band, trying to find a new arrangement for a totally different song, and the first line ‘you all know what I mean when I say’ just came out of my mouth as I was improvising. Ironically at that stage, even I didn’t know what it was I was going to say, let alone everyone else! But a few hours later, after more scatting and improvising, the second line ‘I don’t get out a lot these days’ also just fell out, perfectly formed and unexpected. As soon as I sang it I realised what the song would be about, and that I had stumbled upon a really relatable theme.” 

“This chorus then set the stage for the rest of the song to be slowly written around it. For the verses I drew from my own experience, reminiscing about my younger days of all night raves and parties. I also included a phone call with Jim, who is a messy party animal character from our song Mate Like That. Jim invites me to a party (involving naked people and jam), and that becomes the catalyst for me finally dragging myself out of the sofa and getting back out into the world. You’re only as young as you dare to pretend!”

A funky blast of social commentary delivered with rhythmic vocals, snappy guitar and the twinkle of a keyboard. If good solid tunes with a twinkle of summer and relatable lyrics are what you are after then you can’t go far wrong with The Undercover Hippy.

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