Track/Video: Lo-fi soul-jazz voyager Lionmilk releases ‘no question/shaneen’, the opening communication from incoming album ‘Intergalatic Warp Terminal 222’

Photo by Sabrina Mansury Sharifi

To label LA based musician/ producer Moki Kawaguchi’s work as Lionmilk a solo project is something of a paradox. Yes his music focuses on a singular pursuit, an exploration of sounds, loops, spoken word, electronic experiments and brief improvisations recorded lo-fi and alone for inner contentment. ‘Music to feel less whack to’ as he puts it. But there’s more to Lionmilk’s motives than introspection, it’s about the potential of sharing, having a role as a communicator, reaching out with music for other’s to find their own shelter.

His first release 2021’s ‘I Hope You Are Well’ originated as a self-recorded cassette made during the days of COVID isolation which he packaged and delivered himself to the mailboxes of friends and family. Keeping in touch, building community, the buzz around his gesture grew and eventual wider release by those innovators at Leaving Records followed. These warm, heartfelt, brief ambient soul-jazz reflections were too affecting not to spread around.

Now comes news of a second full Leaving Records release of Lionmilk music (due 17th March), the cosmically titled ’Intergalatic Warp Terminal 222’, aiming to float once again across the airwaves to rejuvenate and revive. The title may sound wildly escapist but the journey promises to be necessarily grounded, once more dealing with the day to day, making time to look inwards and taking care.

The gorgeous twin preview tracks just made available on all the usual suspects allows a glimpse on Lionmilk’s quirky, unwinding approach and hints at its subtle emotional impact. While the tense regrets of ‘no question’ swoon on waves of vocal harmonies with a lo-fi Beach Boys charm, ‘shaneen’ flows silkily along a chiming Rhodes stream, all ringing notes and glistening reverberations. Lionmilk moments may be fleeting but these sound sketches bristle with possibilities. Just imagine where ‘Intergalatic Warp Terminal 222’ is going to take us.

You can pre-order your copy of ‘Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222’ from your local record store or direct from:

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