New Music: Cabane release debut single Sangokaku, featuring Bonnie ’Prince’ Billy & Kate Stables

Sangokaku is the perfect title for Cabane’s debut single. In Japanese it translates to ‘sea coral’, believed to hold magical healing properties, which have been completely absorbed into this music.

Sangokaku is graceful and haunting. As you listen you find yourself feeling isolated, considering your own loneliness, teetering between the elated and melancholic. But you do not slip into a void you are kept afloat by the undulating melody and nurturing lyrics.

Cabane is formed of Belgian composer and songwriter Thomas Jean Henri, Kate Stables of This is The Kit, Bonnie Prince Billie and Caroline Gabard of Boy and the Echo Choir, on vocals. Together they create and transport you to an expansive and stark soundscape. I wonder if they spent long listening to Sufjan Stevens and The Eels.

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