Track: EWAH and the Vision of Paradise return with single Vanishing Point

The arctic and chiming sounds of EWAH and the Vision of Paradise somehow echo and reflect the geographical landscapes of Tasmania and the southern climate – wild, unpredictable and ever so cool. The new single ‘Vanishing Point’ is delectable: mesmerising, hypnotic and crystalline with such a posed sense of style. Guitars scythe their way through the wash of keyboards, and EWAH’s voice is both cold, distant and emotive at the same time – a chill and eloquent delivery.

This sense of place is stretched through to the video – part of a series filmed by the band that showcase the Tasmanian wilderness with its innate sense of mystery and enigma. The band pays tribute to the traditional owners – filmed on location in turbunna/Ben Lomond, lutrawita/Tasmania:

We would like to express gratitude to the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of lutrawita. We acknowledge that we have made this video on their country and pay to respect to elders past and present. Always was, always will be.

A beautiful acknowledgment for a beautiful video.

The video is a preview of a larger project, a featurette movie to accompany the release of an upcoming album.

In the movie EWAH plays a lone explorer traversing a new world with the hope of finding a safe haven to start new life. Playing with the idea of early colonists, EWAH is equipped with a handful of cumbersome devices and tools in a perhaps foolhardy attempt to understand the strange world she is trying to survive in.

Absolutely gorgeous sound and vision from the Hobart band: haunting and enigmatic. The single is available through all the usual downloading/streaming sites or preferably direct from the band through the link below.

EWAH and the Vision of Paradise will be playing at the MONA FOMA Festival in Hobart along with Glenn Richards (Augie March) in January 2021 at a special session referencing the cancelled Dark Mofo Festival – details here.

Rewind to my interview with EWAH at the beginning of the year.

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