Track: Dumb Whales release another great indie pop single ‘Communication’

Proving that their chiming single ‘The Great Divide’ (premiered by Backseat Mafia last month) was no fluke, Melbourne based indie pop maestros Dumb Whales are back in town with their new blistering single ‘Communication’.

Blasting open with a Pixies-blast of guitars and a driving infective beat, this is magnificent indie fare: melodic, sparkling with a chorus that is ascendant and sticks in the mind like super glue.

Dumb Whales have an energy and freshness – the lyrics reflect their local environment and structures perfectly the delivery with style and panache. As the band says, there is a beauty in creating a tension between the music and the themes – melancholy dance music:

The song is about regret and remorse that you’ve let someone down. We thought the The Smiths-do-Motown vibe would give it a bit of bounce, and would be a great counter to the plaintive, reflective lyrics. There’s something wonderful about songs that have sad themes and happy music.

The band have produced a lyric video to accompany the track – sparse and effective:

Pure and simple guitar-based anthemic indie rock: a gift that keeps on giving and a joy to behold. Dumb Whales are a band to keep an eye and an ear out for.

‘Communication’ is out today and can be downloaded/streamed here.

The band is fronted by expat British brothers, Phil and Lee Peers on vocals and guitars with Amy Chapman on bass and vocals and Shannon Radic on drums. 

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