Premiere: Altameda release the glorious melancholy of ‘Nightmare Town’

Canadian duo Altameda are back with a new single, Nightmare Town, and we’re absolutely delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia. It’s out today via Modern Sky, and is based largely on the film Badlands, and the true story that it’s loosely based on.

Of the track, the band say “Though the violence of those stories have no place in “Nightmare Town,” I found the desperation of the characters compelling. I will always love my hometown, however, the desire to change your geographical placement for the sake of adventure and spiritual growth is something that I’m sure most people can relate to at some point in their lives. I imagined a young couple daydreaming about stealing a car and making a break for it to some undetermined destination. Stopping at nothing to achieve freedom from their circumstances.”

Right from the off with this melancholy Americana that the record is steeped in, there’s this feeling of the classic, as it’s filled with gorgeous harmonies, chiming pianos and swathes of organ. Underneath the guitar which comes to the fore with its sighs and sweeps, are these sort of War On Drugs like melodies and sounds that wrap you up and sweep you right off your feet.

Sit tight, and let ‘Nightmare Town’ take you off in a journey, here

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