Track: Brisbane’s Dopamine return with the anthemic blast of ‘Turn You Heart’ and tour news.

Feature Photograph: Seamus Platt

Following up last year’s effervescent single ‘Strange Situation’, Brisbane indie band Dopamine return with the thumping track ‘Turn Your Heart’.

Chiming guitars and mountainous choruses combine to create a rousing anthem, with Dopamine’s genetic links to Britpop/madchester guitar driven epics on full display.

Fin Miller (lyrics and vocals) says of the track:

This song was pieced together quite quickly. I was messing around with old 70’s drum samples, and I came across this one that stuck out to me. So, I started jamming out on guitar over the drum loop, and out of nowhere, I started playing the lead guitar line. The rest of the song just fell into place after that. We tracked the whole thing live, so what you hear on the recording is just us four, in the same room, playing the song together. It’s the first time we did it this way, and I think it sounds a lot more exciting because of it. The lyrics are about a situation I was going through at the time, and I was in a relationship that wasn’t working out. When I showed it to the band, I wasn’t too sure what they’d think because the lyrics were so specific to my life at that point that I thought it’d be a bit too personal. They ended up loving it, though!

The accompanying video, directed by Josh Hickie, captures the band in performance – dynamic and bold, filled with a satisfying swagger:

‘Turn Your Heart’ is available now through all the usual download/streaming sites. You can catch the band live – detail below.

Feature Photograph: Seamus Platt

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