Sundance Review: One for the Road

Since Henry Ford revolutionised the manufacturing process and greatly reduced the cost of buying a car, America has been obsessed with automobiles and dreams of the open road. This love affair has been translated onto the big screen, with the likes of Thelma and Louise, Sideways, Rain Man and Old Joy all proving firm favourites. It’s not just limited to the US though, and as One for the Road proves this is a very good thing.

Bob (Thanapob Leeratanakajorn) runs a bar in New York and is a popular bartender, especially with the ladies. When he gets a call from Aood (Ice Natara), his best friend back in Thailand, informing him that he’s been diagnosed from Leukaemia and asking for a favour, he returns to Bangkok. It turns out that Aood is determined to return left-behind belongings to all his ex-girlfriends before dying and needs a chauffeur to come along for the ride.

One for the Road is a stylish and sentimental road movie which deals with love, loss and companionship, through the uneasy relationship between two old friends. Nattawut Poonpiriya’s multi-layered film owes much to the work of Wong Kar-Wai, who produces here, but it’s very much his own vision. It’s feels epic, and whilst the final third act suffers from a slight misstep, One for the Road is bright and vivid storytelling.

One for the Road screened at Sundance Film Festival.

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