News: Holler Shine On Debut EP ‘Ever Since I Met You’

Fresh off the heels of a flurry of accolades and a coveted Spotify ‘Fresh Finds’ cover feature, the South Coast Indie quartet Holler is set to make waves in the music scene with their long-awaited debut EP, ‘Ever Since I Met You.’ Produced by the acclaimed Ben Hillier and masterfully crafted by Phillip Marsden, the EP promises to be a captivating journey through the band’s distinctive reverb-tinted indie sound.

The EP is a melodic concoction of chorus-infused guitars, resonant basslines, pulsating drums, and velvety, melancholic vocals, showcasing the band’s exceptional songwriting and performance prowess. Each track in ‘Ever Since I Met You’ tells its own story, with the title track delving deep into frontman Lucas’s mental health struggles, his journey towards seeking help, and starting medication.

The band expressed their enthusiasm for the EP, stating, “This is our proudest body of work to date. We felt an opportunity within this EP to express ourselves with a sense of freedom and creativity.” The EP’s creation process, which began in July 2022, led to the organic development of its tracks, from “Talk To You” in the rehearsal rooms to the emotionally charged “Complicated (in a boring way).” Drawing inspiration from the likes of Slowdive, Inhaler, and Swim School, Holler is eager to share their latest work with the world.

Holler has already gained recognition in the music industry by opening for notable acts such as Corella, Coach Party, and Swim School. Their music has garnered acclaim from publications such as Clout, 1883, Music Crowns, and Clunk. Additionally, the band has received support from BBC Introducing and secured a spot on Amazing Radio’s playlist, a testament to their growing presence in the industry.

With the release of ‘Ever Since I Met You’ on September 1st, Holler is poised to close out the year with a bang, further solidifying their reputation as a promising indie sensation. Music enthusiasts can expect an emotional and infectious journey through the band’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities.

For more information on Holler and their debut EP, ‘Ever Since I Met You,’ visit their official website and follow them on Spotify and social media for updates on their music journey.

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