Live: Human Hair. Bell Jar, Sheffield 1-6-14 + ‘View from the Pit’ Gallery

Like many people I know, I really do prefer the smaller gig. They’re a bit more intimate and personal. More importantly, the beer is usually a lot better than the over priced watered down chemical rich rubbish you have to endure at the more corporate venues. And of course, you quite often get to meet the bands that are performing.

Such was the case on Sunday evening at the Bell Jar in Sheffield. We’d made our way over there to see, what you could describe as, some form of  indie types supergroup, Human Hair. Made up of members from Claw Marks, Lovvers, and Dignan Porch, we bumped into them enjoying the evening sunshine at the back of the venue. They were happy to chat and happy to be in Sheffield.


During the conversation, front man, Jack Lenton thanked me for our previous reviews, and kind words, but then gave me his theory that people would be far more interested in reading a scathing review as opposed to words of praise and support.

Well OK Jack – you asked for it …

To be honest I’d misread the poster as I’d lost the right lens from my spectacles and could only see the left hand side. It was Sheffield, I’d seen the word Human  put two and two together and ended up here expecting to see my old mate Phil Oakey (He still owed me a fiver for an unfinished haircut he’d had when we were younger). Still, never mind I was here now. So I grabbed a beer and picked a spot. All looked well at first. It was a bit cramped, but the five piece ensemble that makes up tonight’s main act, The Human Hair (– never heard of them ?)claimed the corner of the room and set up best they could.

And then it started. I don’t know who they think they are, but they had taken the liberty of placing the leather sofa slap bang in front of the stage and the drummer had stolen a plastic chair to sit on.


The music was far too loud and upbeat for my liking. I’d popped out for a quiet pint only to have my Sunday evening ruined by their primeval beats and overly energetic performance. Nothing less than show offs!

As for the front man. I’m unaware of who, or what educated Jack Lenton in the ways of the world, but the man’s an absolute nightmare.



He’s climbing on the furniture, rolling around on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, jumping on the audience. For God’s sake the man even spent most of the gig wearing a hat! Indoors! On a Sunday no less.


But it doesn’t stop there. His lyrics refer to the more baser side of life and at times descend into pure drug addled fantasy. Clearly delusional he even claims at one point to have rode ‘…pegasus to the shops for a pint of milk, a crate of  beer and pork chops...’ ????


Behind him the rest of the band seem oblivious to these antics and indeed could be said to actually be encouraging this despicable behaviour by playing more and more of their devils music, that only succeeds in driving this unhinged individual even more over the top.


I understand, from people far more savvy than myself, that someone has actually taken the time to record this bands cacophonic din on to a long-playing record that will be available very soon. If you want my advice, I would stay well clear and I would certainly be very wary of inviting them anywhere near your city let alone allowing their demonic blend of indie/punk into your home. It’s nothing more than ugly, no wave, skronk!

It’s fair to say that this will be one gig that will be very hard to forget. To be honest if this is the sort of thing that the young folk of today are been subjected to – I despair for where society may end up.

Words cannot do justice to the unspeakable acts I witnessed on Sunday just gone. People need to be made aware of the threat a band like this poses to the nation. As such I would encourage you witness this debauchery for yourselves, so you are able to warn others. Human Hair will be appearing at the following venues –  4th June – Waiting Room, London, 13th June – Flashback Records, London, 5th July – Gland Rock all-dayer @ Southsea Social Club, Portsmouth,26th July – Human Hair all dayer @ Shacklewell Arms, London.

As for the recording of their, so-called, music, I appeal to everyone to ensure that all copies are purchased and put into safe storage to ensure their influence is restricted to as few people as possible. If we act fast, and we act now,  we can stop these blighter’s in their tracks. Copies of their aptly named LP ‘My Life as a Beast and Lowly Form’ can be pre-ordered from the following outlets…

Pre-order LP & free DL: ‪…
Pre-order on iTunes (includes instant download tracks):‪…
Pre-order on Amazon: ‪

Strike now – together we can halt the rise of this band and curtail their appalling influence on the youth of today!

   #   #   #   #   #

Who am I kidding? Human Hair are made up of musicians from some great bands, the result is another really great band, that has put together a really great album, that is made even better when you see their really, really great live performance.

‘View from the Pit’ Gallery [click on any picture to view full size

Thanks for coming to Sheffield – hope to see you again in the North very soon.

Human Hair are:-

Jack Lenton (vocals)

Henry Withers (guitar)

Thom Sadler (bass)

Jordan Hayward (drums)

Joseph Walsh aka Dignan Porch (guitar)


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